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    Rallye Monte-Carlo

    Tarmac, winter conditions

    25-28 January

    Location : Gap / Monaco
    Bad point : You can find all the possible conditions on this rally
    Good point : You can find all the possible conditions on this rally ;-)
    Spectators, don't forgot : Your hybrid winter hat / cap. You might need
    the winter hat in the Col de Turini but you will need a cap when you
    will come to the service park in Monaco. 
    To go to the stages early enough. In France they are closed earlier than
    everywhere else. 
    Jari Matti: "The most demanding rally of the championship."
    Miikka: "Snow, Ice, law grip.. Not fun!"
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    Rally Sweden

    Gravel, winter conditions

    15-18 February

    Location : Torsby
    Bad point : temperatures can go under 30 degrees.
    Good point : watching the cars on the snow is a very nice show and the
    atmosphere in the stage is pretty amazing. 
    Spectators, don't forgot : the very warm socks your grandma' knitted
    last Christmas for you. You will realize how they are amazing even if
    they are a bit itchy. 
    That you need to pay your access to the stages.
    Miikka: "Snow and Ice, lot of grip... Lot of fun!"
    Jari-Matti: "The greatest fun between snowbanks."
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    Rally Guanajuato Mexico


    8-11 March

    Location : Leon
    Bad point : The altitude around 2000 m. This is really demanding for the
    rally cars. 
    Good point : it's a very sunny and warm place. It's always a good thing
    after Rally Sweden :-) People are really friendly and they love
    rallying. The ceremonial start in Guanajuato is the most beautiful of
    the championship. 
    Spectators, don't forgot : to take your girlfriend with you. Leon is the
    capital of the shoes. There's shoe shops everywhere! Prices are really
    correct and they will find all the styles (but invest in an extra
    luggage...or extra closet then). 
    That the sun is strong! Every year, we go back home with a red face and
    every year we forget the sun lotion. 
    Jari-Matti: "Altitude can make life hard!"
    Miikka: "High altitude, lot of sun, less power."
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    Rallye de France


    5-8 April

    Location : Ajaccio
    Bad points : The very long stages planned by the organizers will be
    really challenging and difficult. 
    There's gonna be more corners than we can count. 
    Good points : The legend... Rally Corsica is an amazing ride with incredible landscape. 
    Spectators, don't forgot : to take your sunglasses! Sun is always
    shining in Corsica :-)
    that the mountain's views are breathtaking! 
    Jari-Matti: "Let the sun shine!"
    Miikka: "Proper tarmac rally! If you find more than "200 meters
    straight" you are on the wrong island!"
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    Rally Argentina


    26-29 April

    Location : Villa Carlos Paz
    Bad point : The fog can be a nightmare in the stages
    Good points : A pure "rally aficionados" country! The atmosphere is like
    no where else and the stages are really beautiful. 
    Spectators, don't forgot : To sleep before you go to the rally... You
    might have lot of fun in Villa Carlos Paz. The town celebrate the rally
    pretty well so let's celebrate with them! But don't miss the early
    starts to go to the stages! 
    To try the argentinean meat and wines! 
    Check the weather before you go. It can be pretty warm or pretty cold as
    it's the autumn in Argentina during the rally. 
    Miikka: "Enthousiastic people and very nice atmosphere! One of
    the classics of the championship."
    Jari-Matti: "The passion of rallying."
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    Vodafone Rally de Portugal


    17-20 May

    Location : Matosinhos (Close to Porto)
    Bad point : Is there any bad point really? 
    Good point : In the North, the atmosphere of Rally de Portugal is unique.You also find amazing stages and wilder landscape. 
    Spectators, don't forgot : to go to the rally! If your are portuguese or
    from anywhere else, just don't hesitate. The atmosphere there is just incredible! 
    To respect the spectators zone! It's really important for the safety of
    Don't miss the ceremonial start. Guimaraes is a very beautiful town full
    of story. The old city center is magic. Also the Douro river valley is wonderful. 
    Jari-Matti: "Fafe, crazy atmosphere!"
    Miikka: "Portugal, always a great "rendez-vous" in the season"
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    Rally Italia Sardegna


    7-10 June

    Location : Alghero
    Bad points : The rocks and the heat. 
    Good points : Alghero is a really nice place and the stages are very
    Spectators, don't forgot : to take your swim suit... and sun lotion! 
    to not worry about the snakes (everywhere)! They are completely
    Miikka: "Amazing scenery with the sea. Slow stages, proper rocky
    gravel roads."
    Jari-Matti: "Stay away from the rocks!"
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    Neste Oil Rally Finland


    26-29 July

    Location : Jyväskylä
    Bad points : Honestly, is there any bad point? ;-) #HomeRally
    Good points : Fast and furious! That's how the crews drive in the
    Finnish stages. It's the most impressive rally to follow.
    Spectators, don't forgot : to take your mosquitoes lotion if you watch a
    stage close to a lake. Might be useful. 
    Take your kids at the Service Park! Even if you will have to pay your
    access (not a lot :-)), the entrance is free for the youngest ones and
    friendly welcomed for the children with lot of activities for them
    during the event. 
    Miikka: "The Grand Prix of gravel roads!"
    Jari-Matti: "The higher you jump, the faster you go!"
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    ADAC Rallye Deutschland


    16-19 August

    Location : Bostalsee
    Bad points : The first tarmac rally after a long gravel serie. If it
    rains, can be really muddy and difficult. 
    Good points : Panzerplate stage is really unique. 
    Spectators, don't forgot : To find a place where you can watch a big
    part of one stage (like the stages around river Mozelle)
    To check some wineries around there :)
    Jari-Matti: "Producing wine is different than driving the rally... ;-)"
    Miikka: "Slow tarmac stages through the vineyards and a difficult
    Panzerplate stage with lot of surface changes."
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    Marmaris Rally Turkey


    13-16 September

    Location : Marmaris 
    Bad points : Will be our very first time there so difficult to say.
    Good points : This rally will be new for everybody.
    Spectators, don't forgot to : book your tickets! Marmaris looks lovely and the weather might be amazing. Just imagine... holidays and rally time! The pure dream ;) 
    Jari-Matti: "Can't wait for this new challenge"
    Miikka: "Let's reset the counters to zero for this one"
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    Wales Rally GB


    04-07 October

    Location : Deeside
    Bad points : definitely the weather... 
    Good points : Real challenge for a driver. There's no better place to
    finish the season than here. 
    Spectators, don't forgot : to take the best rain/wind/mud/cold stopper
    equipment ever. 
    If you come from abroad, a plug adaptor might be useful as we always
    think about it when our phone is completely out of battery at 23:00
    before going to bed. 
    To take one or two days if you can to visit Wales. It's a very nice
    To drive on the left! 
    That the currency is the pound! 
    Jari-Matti: "Remember to control the car in the mud."
    Miikka: "Muddy and slippery. Most will rain."
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    RallyRACC-Rally de Espana

    Gravel, Tarmac

    25-28 October

    Location : Salou
    Bad points : on gravel, it can be dusty but other than that there's
    nothing bad to say about this rally. 
    Good points : It's the only mixed rally of the season! 
    Spectators, don't forgot : to be at the friday night service when the
    mechanics convert the cars from gravel to tarmac specification in less
    than one hour and thirty minutes. It's impressive! Then you might be a
    bit more sarcastic when the garage will tell u that they need 3 weeks to
    repare the rear damper of your car...
    to take your boyfriend with you! What's better than the roller coaster
    of Port Aventura! You will make a #happyboy! 
    Miikka: "Challenging gravel and the best tarmac stage of the world
    with smooth surface and constant grip."
    Jari-Matti: "The nicest tarmac rally!"
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    Coates Hire Rally Australia


    15-18 November

    Location : Coffs Harbour
    Bad points : The trees are too close sometimes... And it's also scary to
    stop and change the tyre because of the snakes.
    Good points : Fantastic fast and flowing stages!
    Spectators, don't forgot : to be careful with the snakes and spiders
    when you go into the forest to watch the stages. They can be very
    dangerous if you tease them. 
    To go and take picture with kangaroos (stay at safe distance, they kick
    like Maradona!) 
    To drive on the left! 
    Miikka: "Flowing country roads between big trees."
    Jari-Matti: "Different environnement!"
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